2011 Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

GeoHab 2011 was held 3 – 6 May 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. The conference was hosted by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK, www.gtk.fi) on the premises of GTK at Betonimiehenkuja 4, Espoo, and located in the city of Espoo in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The main focus of the conference was the Development of New Methodologies to Map the Marine Environment in Support of Sustainable Ocean Management.

The scientific themes of GeoHab 2011 conference were:

  • Habitat mapping of shallow seas
  • Scale and variability in habitat distribution and diversity
  • Habitat mapping serving ecosystem based management
  • Advances in optical remote sensing of marine habitats

Conference Agenda & Abstracts (online)
Business Meeting Minutes (PDF)