GeoHab 2022 Program

Monday 16th May 2022 - Workshop “Ocean mapping in the Anthropocene: new technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools”

“Ocean mapping in the Anthropocene: new technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools”

9:30 Welcome and introduction
09:40 Francisco Gutiérrez (GeoAcustics Ltd., U.K.)
10:15 Knut Hartmann, Kim Knauer and Constantin Sandu (EOMAP)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 KONGSBERG                                                                                                                              KONGSBERG’S TECHNOLOGIES FOR REMOTE SURVEYING (PRESENTATION AND REAL TIME DEMONSTRATION FROM LITUS VESSEL)
12:15 Dear Iason-Zois (GEOMAR)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Mike Brissette (R2SONIC)                                                                                                                    R2SONIC MULTISPECTRAL DATA-COLLECTION & PROCESSING OVERVIEW
14:45 Tim W Nattkemper (Bielefeld University)                                                                                                         MARINE IMAGE ANALYSIS: FROM MANUAL IMAGE ANNOTATION TO MARINE COMPUTER VISION, FROM THERE TO MARINE DATA SCIENCE
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Federica Foglini (CNR-ISMAR), Antonio Petrizzo (CNR-ISMAR) and Fulvio Marelli (Space42)
17:00 Discussions and Conclusions
17:30 END
Ice Breaker for GEOHAB Conference

Workshop from 09:30 to 17:30

Tuesday 17th May 2022

8:30 Registration Open
9:10 R. Santolieri (CNR-ISMAR Director) Opening Remarks
9:30 Key note by H. Gary Greene and Vaughn Barrie: “Benefits of Habitat Mapping in an Urban Sea – The NE Pacific Marginal Salish Sea”  
9:50 Gold Sponsor Welcome: Kongsberg
Shelf and Deep Sea habitats – Chair: P. Harris and M. Dolan
9:55 G.R. Cochrane, A. Cole, M. Sherrier, S. Hallahan, A. Roca-Lezra, R. Kvitek: “Benthic Habitat in California State Waters Offshore of Morro Bay”
10:10 L.H. De Clippele, J. Gafeira, V.A.I. Huvenne, S.A. Ragnarsson, S.H. Ólafsdóttir, T. Kutti, J.A.A. Perez, P. Sumida, D. Sowers, J.M. Roberts: “Mapping and morphologically characterizing cold-water coral mounds across the Atlantic Ocean”
10:25 J.C.L.G. Fonseca, P. Vannucchi, D. Iacopini, D. Maestrelli, H. Vital, Y.R. Perez: “Seabed mapping using 3D seismic data to investigate continental slope morphology at the Brazil Equatorial margin” Ron McDowell Student Talk
10:40 M. Kanari, M. Tom, M. Rubin Blum, B. Herut, A. Giladi, O. Bialik, A. Meilijson, A. Nueman, G. Antler, Y. Makovsky: “Deep sea habitat mapping and characterization of a seepage complex using multibeam data, AUV and ROV surveys at the Palmahim Disturbance, Israel”
10:55 Break (with demonstation by Kongsberg)
11:40 T.R.R. Pearman, P.E. Brewin, F. Skeljo, P. Brickle: “Mapping Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the South-West Atlantic deep-sea”
11:55 M. Schumacher, V. A. I. Huvenne, C. Devey, P. Martínez Arbizu, A. Biastoch, S. Meinecke: “The Atlantic Marine Landscape: A basin-wide cluster analysis of near-seafloor physico-chemical conditions”
12:10 D.J.B. Swanborn, V.A.I. Huvenne, S.J. Pittman, A.D. Rogers, M.L. Taylor, L.C. Woodall: “Mapping seascape spatial heterogeneity as driver of seamount-associated fish – A case study from the Southwest Indian Ridge seamounts”
12:25 F. Foglini, J.A Trotter, M. Taviani, C. Mazzoli, A. Remia, M. McCulloc, P. Montagna: “Habitat mapping of southwestern Australian submarine canyon systems” Light talk
12:30 Lunch  
SESSION 1     (Part B)
Shelf and Deep Sea habitats – Chair: G. Castellan and L. Angeletti  
14:00 K.T. Bigham, A.A. Rowden, D.A. Bowden, D. Leduc: “Benthic community resilience to habitat alteration caused by an earthquake-triggered turbidity flow in Kaikōura Canyon, Aotearoa New Zealand” Virtual talk
14:15 M. Jeffers, H.C. Bostock, D. Gürer, R.J. Beaman: “Intermediate and deep water masses and circulation in the Tasman and Coral seas using CTD and multibeam data from R/V Falkor voyages 2020-21” Virtual talk
14:30 T. Kwasnitschka, K. Koeser, A. Bernstetterù: “Increasing situational awareness in seafloor research from surveying to visualization – an update of three projects” Virtual talk
14:45 V.P. Mahale, P. Dewangan, B. Chakraborty: “Backscatter imagery reveals feature rich continental slopes of central western continental margin of India”
15:00 M.A. Lisniowski, V. Harlamov, V H.R. Lopes, E.P. Frazão, A. A. Neto: “Mapping potential marine habitats on the Rio Grande Rise” Light talk
SESSION 2 Coastal and shallow water habitats – Chair: F. Madricardo, A. Kotilainen
15:05 J. Berglund, M. L. Rasmussen, C. Paz Von Friesen, M. Åkerholm, S. Huber, L. B. Hansen, P-O. Moksnes: “Nationwide monitoring of submerged aquatic vegetation in Sweden using a combination of drone and satellite imagery”
15:20 M.C. Espriella, V. Lecours: “Optimizing the Observation Scale for Coastal Habitat Mapping” Ron McDowell Studen Talk
15:35 Break
16:00 L. Fallati, A. Savini, A. Giulia Varzi, V. Bracchi, P. Bazzicalupo, A. Rosso, M. Muzzupappa, D. Basso: “3D Underwater Photogrammetric investigation of peculiar columnar coralligenous bioconstructions offshore Marzamemi (Southeastern Sicily, Ionian Sea)”
16:15 S. Joshi: “Integrating sediment dynamics into habitat mapping approaches using sediment mobility indices and seabed classification in Galway Bay, Ireland”
16:30 M.A.H. Muhamad, R. Che Hasan, N. Md. Said, J. L. S. Ooi: “Seagrass Mapping Using Species Distribution Modeling and Multibeam Echosounder Around Redang Archipelago” Ron McDowell Studen Talk
16:45 H. Vital, A.C. Bastos, J.M.L. Dominguez, T.C.M. Araujo: “Advances in the study of Geohabitats on the Brazilian continental shelf: Importance of INCT AmbTropic”
17:00 C. Roelfsema, M. Lyons, K. Markey, C. Say, E. Kovacs, E. Kennedy, S. Phinn, N. Murray, H. Fox, B. Bambic, P. Gerstner, M. Skone, G. Asner: “Innovations on Global Coral Reef Geomorphic and Benthic Habitat Maps: The Allen Coral Atlas” Virtual talk
17:15 L. Janowski, R. Wroblewski, M. Rucinska, A. Kubowicz-Grajewska, P. Tysiac: “Utilization of high-resolution Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry for automatic mapping of shallow seafloor, a case study from the Southern Baltic” Virtual Light talk
17:20 K. Robert, K. Charmley, R. Command, K. Baker, F. de Leo: “Spatio-temporal mapping and monitoring of a sub-Arctic inlet” Virtual Light talk
17:25 D. S. Galvez, G. M. Scarpa, A. Petrizzo, F. Braga, I. Guarneri, T. Lahami,
L. Zaggia, A. Berton, F. Madricardo: “Integration of multi-beam and UAV data to monitor morphological changes in tidal salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon”
Light talk
17:30 BSWG Meeting


Wednesday 18th May 2022

SESSION 3 Submerged landscapes and cultural heritage – Chair: F. Foglini, G. Green
09:00 F. Madricardo, M. Bassani, G. D’Acunto, A. Calandriello, A. Petrizzo, I. Guarneri, D. Galvez, A. Kruss, J. Lowag, F. Foglini: “Underwater Cultural Heritage high-resolution mapping: case study from the Venice Lagoon”
09:15 H.C. Cawthra, I.E. Esteban, J. Pargeter, E.C. Fisher: “Ancient land-sea connections in Mpondoland, on the South African Wild Coast” Virtual talk
SESSION 4 The Anthropocene and the effect of human footprint on marine habitats – Chair: F. Foglini, G. Green
09:30 Key note by F. Trincardi: “Mapping the global seafloor detecting human impacts on it”
9:50 P.T. Harris and T. Maes: “Fate of plastic pollution in benthic marine environments – a mass balance approach”
10:05 A.T. Kotilainen, M.M. Kotilainen, S. Jokinen, J.J. Virtasalo, A.M. Kaskela: “Coastal Estuaries – Baltic Sea habitat types under threat”  
10:20 M.A. Young, K. Critchell, A.D. Miller, E.A. Treml, M. Sams, R. Cavalho, D. Ierodiaconou: “Mapping the impacts of multiple stressors on the declines in kelps along the Great Southern Reef, Australia” Virtual talk
10:35 A.J. Atchia, V. Lecours, A.E. Braswell, A.H. Altieri: “Using Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis and Spectral Indices to Map Changes in Coastal Habitat Health Following an Oil Spill in Mauritius” Ron McDowell Student Talk
10:50 L. Fulton, C.J. Brown, J. McIntyre, A. Smith, T. Walke: “Evaluating the benefits of side scan sonar as a detection method for abandoned, lost, or otherwise discarded fishing gear” Ron McDowell Student Talk
11:05 S. Terracciano, F. De Giosa, C. Donadio, G. Mastronuzzi, A. Rizzo, G. Scardino, G. Scicchitano: “Mapping the anthropogenic impact on seafloor in the Taranto area (southern Italy)” Light talk
11:10 Break
SESSION 5   (Part A) New approaches from coast to deep water habitat mapping – Chair: C. Brown, V. Lecours
11:30 C. Fusca, L. Fallati, A. Savini, C. Argentino, B. Ferrè, G. Panieri: “Classification of arctic seafloor based on object-based image analisys (OBIA) techniques”  Ron McDowell Student Talk
11:45 L.M.C de Oliveira, A. Lim, L.A. Conti, A.J. Wheeler: “3D photogrammetric classification of cold-water coral reefs with machine learning – Preliminary results from Piddington Mound, NE Atlantic” Ron McDowell Student Talk
12:00 R.V. Garone, T.I. Birkenes Lønmo, F. Tichy, M. Diesing, T. Thrones, A. Schimel, L. Løvstakken: “Deep Learning for seafloor sediment mapping: a preliminary investigation using U-Net” Virtual Light talk
12:05 R. Arosio, B. Hobley, A. J. Wheeler1,3, A. Lim, F. Sacchetti, L. A. Conti, T. Furey: “Fully convolutional neural networks applied to marine geomorphology mapping on the Irish continental shelf deliver satisfactory results for a modest effort”
12:20 E. Alevizos, A. Makris, V. C. Nicodemou, I. Oikonomidis, A. Roussos, D. D. Alexakis: “A Deep Learning Approach For Shallow Seafloor Mapping Using Drone-Based Imagery – Insights From ACTYS Project”
12:35 Lunch  
P. Feldens, J.S. von Deimling, P. Held, L. Bramanti, F. Espino, F. Otero-Ferrer: “Acoustic fingerprint of the black coral Anthiapatella Wollastoni in Multibeam Echo Sounder data” Virtual talk
13:45 I.Z. Gazis, J. Greinert: “The effect of spatial autocorrelation in machine learning-based modeling of deep-sea polymetallic nodules spatial distribution”
14:00 K. Hartmann, K. Knauer, C. Kleih, J. Wenzel, J. Berglund, C. Paz von Friesen, R. Santos, V. Marques, A. Moura, M. Filippone, D. Adhiwijna, M. Stender, J. Banton, E. Mondon, J.Beaudoin, D. Urdaneta, M. Rovere, C. Pellegrini, V. Funari, A. Mercorella, L. Vigliotti, F. Madricardo, A. Remia, I. Conese, V. Drakopoulou, V. Kapsimalis, S. Reizopoulou, D. Sakellariou, G. Rousakis, M. Salomidi: “Shallow water mapping and monitoring in the browser – SDB-online”
14:15 G. Summers, A. Lim, A., A.J. Wheeler: “A geomorphological object-based image analysis approach to investigate the hydrodynamics surrounding cold-water coral mounds” Ron McDowell Student Talk
14:30 V. Lecours, A. Oxton: “Optimizing Ensemble Models to Identify Suitable Habitat of Cold-Water Coral Species in the Northern Gulf of Mexico”
14:45 B. Misiuk, C.J. Brown, V. Ferrini, S.C. Lowe, T. Trappenberg: “Comparing Manual and Automated Feature Engineering Approaches for Mapping Seabed Sediments in the Bay of Fundy, Canada”
15:00 R. Nanson, D. Dove, R. Arosio, J. Guinan, L.R. Bjarnadóttir: “Advancement of a two-part seabed geomorphology mapping scheme for multidisciplinary applications: Part 2 – geomorphology”
15:15 M. Roche, T. van Dijk, C. Mesdag, X. Lurton, L. Berger, R. Fezzani, P. Fietzek, S. Gastauer, S. Simmons, D. Parsons, M.K. Breteler: “The Backscatter in flume project (BSiF): Measurements of sediment backscatter in a flume – preliminary experiment results and prospective”
15:30 Break
SESSION 5   (Part B)
New approaches from coast to deep water habitat mapping – Chair: L. R. Bjarnadottir, M. Roche
16:00 J.S. von Deimling, P. Held, J. Friedrich, C. Straßburger: “From interpolated surfaces to 3D point cloud analytics for better habitat mapping”
16:15 M. Troup, D. Barclay, C. Brown, E. Bushev, K. Davies, A. Comeau, R. Davis: “Classifying Surficial Sediment using a Glider-Mounted Single-Beam Sonar” Ron McDowell Student Talk
16:30 M. Di Stefano: “A LayBack model for georeferencing underwater imagery from a towed camera system”
16:45 A.R. Ilich, B. Misiuk, V. Lecours, S.A. Murawski: “Demonstrating the Utility of the MultiscaleDTM Package for Seafloor Habitat Mapping” Ron McDowell Student Talk
17:00 M.F.J. Dolan, R.E. Ross, G. Gonzalez-Mirelis, P. Buhl-Mortensen: “Lessons learned from an ever-expanding biotope map” Light talk
17:05 T. McClinton: “Improved benthic geologic mapping using object-based and machine-learning techniques” Virtual Light talk
17:10 F.J. Gutiérrez, R. Dowdeswell, B. Milner, W. Wang, D. Websdale: “The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Phase-Measuring Bathymetric Sonar Data Processing” Light talk
17:15 Poster session Flash Presentation (1 minute each poster)
Poster session “Grecale Room” with refreshment
19:00 END
Conference Dinner


Thursday 19th May 2022

9:10 Golden sponsor: R2Sonic
SESSION 5     (part C)
New approaches from coast to deep water habitat mapping – Chair: T. Le Bas, G. Cochrane
9:15 Virtual Key note by Steve Hall: “The Nippon Foundation / GEBCO Seabed 2030 project – Delivering the definitive global map of the ocean floor”
9:35 C. Marques, M. Ribeiro, A. Moura, C. Monteiro, L. Veiga, H. Leonor, K.K. Knut: “Using Satellite-Derived Bathymetry data from 4S Project to monitor shallow water areas – the case of Bugio (Portugal)” Virtual Light talk
9:40 D. Mallace, J. Wheeler: “Collecting habitat data doesn’t have to impact the habitat – Using USVs to collect ocean data in a carbon neutral & environmentally safe manner” Light talk
9:45 B. McCormack, M. Borrelli: “Using Uncalibrated Reflectivity Backscatter from the Bathymetric Data Stream of a Phase-Measuring Sidescan Sonar: Object Detection and Bottom Classification”

Light talk

9:50 A.C.G. Schimel, M.F.J. Dolan, S. Chand, T. Thorsnes, L. Bjarnadottir: “Iskaffe: A tool for backscatter data quality control” Light talk
9:55 M. Steinsiek, K. Hartmann, K. Knauer, C. Kleih, M. Siegmann: “AI meets seabed: Making the benthic analysis of video records, airborne and satellite data more effective” Light talk
10:00 K. Trzcinska, J. Tegowski, P. Pocwiardowski, L. Janowski, J. Zdroik, A. Kruss, M. Rucinska, Z. Lubniewski, J. Schneider von Deimling: “Characterization of benthic habitats using acoustically calibrated MBES and angle varying gain correction of backscatter– as a part of ECOMAP project” Light talk
H. Van Rein, E. Manca, A. Cordingley, G. Lourenço, A. Audsley, T.Hooper, L. Molloy, J. Day, P. Walker, M. Hartley, L. Robinson: “Novel application of EUNIS-based mapping products to demonstrate the potential for marine spatial planning process using a natural capital-based approach in the UK” Light talk
10:10 P. Wintersteller, K. Karantzalos, J. Quintana, P. Nomikou, R. Neville, K. Baika, D. Lampridou, and NEANIAS team members: “The NEANIAS Cloud-based Underwater Services” Virtual Light talk
10:15 R. Devillers, L. ElMoussaoui, E. Lebreton, A. LeQuilleuc, A. Aubry, T. Claverie, A. Collin, Y. Lubac, T. Schmitt, M. Jasinski: “Improving Seafloor and Marine Habitat Mapping in Data Poor Regions using ICESat-2 Satellite-based LiDAR and Very-high Resolution Imagery Fusion”
10:30 O. Pizarro, J. Shields, G. Wakeham, B. Leighton, J. Lee, G. D’Urso, S. Williams, R. Fitch: “Scalable benthic characterization using multiple bottom-following imaging drifters” Virtual talk
10:45 J. Shields, O. Pizarro, S.B. Williams: “Feature Space Exploration For Planning Initial Benthic AUV Surveys” Virtual talk
11:00 Break  
11:15 M. Papaelias, F. P. García Márquez, S. Marini, F. Foglini, F. Madricardo, Pedro José Bernalte Sánchez; V. Jantara Junior: “Long-term autonomous robotic solutions for coastal to deep seafloor environment mapping and monitoring”
SESSION 6 Habitat mapping and climate change – Chair: A. Bastos, B. Todd
11:30 J.V. Barrie, H.G. Greene: “Climate Change and an Urban Sea – Impact of the Events of 2021 on the Salish Sea”
11:45 C. J. Brown, B. Misiuk, B. DiTrolio, T. Trappenburg, S. C. Lowe, K. Robert: “Benthic ecosystem mapping for sustainable ocean stewardship in a shifting ocean climate”
12:00 J. Harff, J. Dudzińska-Nowak, Wenyan Zhang, F. Foglini, Jakub Miluch, J. Zhang: “Marginal Seas Task Group of the Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE), IUGS Big Science Program” Virtual talk
12:15 Lunch
SESSION 7     (Part A)
Habitat mapping for maritime spatial planning (MSP) within an ecosystem based approach – Chair: A. Bastos, B. Todd
13:15 A. Fedorovska, M. Kostanda, I. Barda, I. Andersone: “Investigation of Natura 2000 marine benthic habitats in the Latvian EEZ: identification, challenges and designation of new MPAs”
13:30 S.L. Goode, A.A. Rowden, D.A. Bowden, M.R. Clark, F. Stephenson: “Using patch characteristics of benthic communities derived from habitat suitability modelling to inform spatial management of the marine environment” Virtual talk
13:45 A. Giladi, M. Kanari, T. Katz, G. Tibor: “Monitoring Sediment Transport and Grain Size Dynamics Along the Israeli Continental Shelf Using Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter”
14:00 K. Ismail, A. Ali, Z. Bachok, C.D.M. Safuan, R. Che Hasan, A.A. Chan, N.M. Said: “A Step Towards Effective Ecosystem-based Management in Malaysia Marine Parks: Standardised Benthic Classes using Marine Landscape Approach”
14:15 F. McGrath, B. Picton, C. Morrow, L. Scally, N. Pfeiffer: “Synthesis and Development of ‘Sensitive Ecosystem Assessment and ROV Exploration of Reef’ (SeaRover) Survey Outputs for Research and Policy Support”
14:30 P. S. Menandro, F.V. Vieira, A.C. Lavagnino, G.C. Boni, T. Franco, A.C. Bastos: “Why does benthic habitat mapping matter for Brazilian Science and Managers? A multi-scale approach in the Southeast Brazilian Shelf”
14:45 S. Millán, N. Rivas, J. Cortina, D.F. Morales, L. Chasqui: “Benthic Habitat Mapping Under Multilevel Approach In The Archipelago Of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Colombian Caribbean”
15:00 Break
SESSION 7     (Part B)
Habitat mapping for maritime spatial planning (MSP) within an ecosystem based approach – Chair: B. Misiuk, T. Pearman
15:30 C.Murray, C. Brown, M. Bailey, S. Denney, S. Iverson, Mills-Flemming, V. Gazzola, B. Muisik, F. Whoriskey: “Combining satellite imagery and acoustic data to support habitat characterization of the Bras d’Or Lake estuary to support stewardship of culturally, ecologically, and commercially important species” Ron McDowell Student Talk
15:45 T. Thorsnes, B.N. Borrevik, N. Tengs-Hagir, H. Welde, G. L. Taranger: “Towards the best mapped coastal zone in the world? The Norwegian Marine Basemaps initiative”
16:00 B. Vinha , V.A.I. Huvenne, A. Gori, K. A. Barnhill, C. Wardell, M. Schumacher, S. Piraino, J. M. Roberts, T. H. Hansteen, C. Orejas: “Mapping of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) indicator taxa off Cabo Verde (Eastern Equatorial Atlantic Ocean)” Ron McDowell Student Talk
16:15 C. Wardell, J. Strong, A. Haïssoune, A.L. Jones, L. Coals: “Marine Habitat Mapping to Support the Use of Conservation and Anti-Trawl Structures in Kep Province, Cambodia”
16:30 G. Castellan, L. Angeletti, F. Foglini, V. Grande, P. Montagna, M. Taviani: “To what extent are mesophotic communities in the Mediterranean Sea protected by the current conservation network?” Light talk
16:35 H. Vital, J.E.L. Oliveira, A.G. Aquino da Silva, F.E. Silva, V.C. Fontes: “Sensing, Integration and Analysis of Digital Information in the Marine Geological Mapping – SEABEDMAP Project. Phase I” Light talk
16:40 T.F. Wanda, E.A. Wiles H.C. Cawthra and A. de Wit: “Multibeam bathymetry as the baseline for marine research: application in marine habitat mapping, South Africa” Light talk
16:45 GEOHAB Annual Meeting
End of meeting


Friday 20th May 2022 - Field Trip "To the origins of Venice"


Poster Session

Session 1 Shelf and Dee Sea habitats
1 F. Butschek, R. Arosio, T. Furey, A.J. Wheeler: “The ABC Celtic Sea Project – Acoustic Seabed Characterisation and Benthic Habitat Associations in the Celtic Sea”
2 F. Di Giovanna, J. A. Trotter, P. Montagna, M. McCulloch, G. Castellan, V. Grande, M. Taviani, F. Foglini: “Habitat suitability model of the Bemer Canyon System (Australia) cold-water-coral grounds”
3 S. Medelytė, A. Šiaulys, E. Vaičiukynas, K. Buškus, S. Olenin: “Benthic biotope identification and classification in the challenging environments: SE Baltic Sea reefs and Arctic bays in Svalbard”
Session 2 Coastal and shallow water habitats
4 F. Butschek, J. Appah, A.J. Wheeler: “Mapping Local and Species Contributions to Beta Diversity in the Porcupine Bank Canyon”
5 L. Fallati, A. Savini, C. Argenitino, S. Bünz, G. Panieri: “Seafloor landforms of the central part of Haakon Mosby mud volcano (Barents Sea) reconstruct through ROV video photogrammetry”
6 A. Gasparotto, C. Bertolini, J. Da Mosto: “Creating a mapping tool to establish best practices for salt marsh reconstruction in the Venetian lagoon”
7 S. Innangi, M. Innangi, M. Di Febbraro, G. Di Martino, M. Sacchi, R. Tonielli: “An accurate method for high-resolution and continuous mapping of loose sediments in the continental shelf: two case studies in the Mediterranean Sea, Bagnoli-Coroglio area (Gulf of Naples, Italy) and Lampedusa Island (Sicily Channel, Italy)”
8 T. Lahami, I. Guarneri, A. Petrizzo, D. Galvez, V. Grande, F. Foglini, F. Madricardo: “Benthic habitat mapping using multibeam acoustics and ground-truthing techniques in the tidal channels of the Northern Venice Lagoon”
9 Le Bas T., Durán R., Bialik O., and Micallef A.: “Carbonate reefs at mesophotic depths: Offshore south-east Malta”
10 G. Montereale Gavazzi, D. A. Kapasakali, F. Kerckhof, V. Van Lancker, E. Pecceu, K.: “Exploring natural hard-substrate habitat in Belgian waters: case study on a recently discovered hotspot”
11 M. Prampolini, V. Grande, P. D’Ambrosio, G. Di Martino, F. Foglini, S. Innangi, M. Sacchi, C. Silvestrini, R. Tonielli, S. Fraschetti: “A new benthic habitat map of the Campania Region (Italy) merging datasets with different source, spatial resolution and time-period”
12 B.J. Todd: “Seafloor mapping in a hypertidal setting: Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada”
13 R. Tonielli, S. Innangi, M. Contiero, G. Di Martino, F. Molisso, L. Monti, M. Conti, A. Fiorentino, F. Papasodaro, Marco Sacchi: “Preliminary results from new data acquisition off the inner shelf of Gulf of Gaeta, eastern Tyrrhenian Sea, for the geological mapping of sheet n° 429 Mondragone, 1:50.000 scale (CARG project)”
14 A.G. Varzi, L. Fallati, A. Savini, V. A. Bracchi, P. Bazzicalupo, A. Rosso, R. Sanfilippo, M. Bertolino; M. Muzzupappa, D. Basso: “High-resolution mapping of the seafloor offshore Marzamemi village (southeastern Sicily, Ionian Sea): extent and distribution of coralligenous reefs”
Session 3 Submerged landscapes and cultural heritage
15 I. Guarneri, A. Petrizzo, D. Galvez, D. Tagliapietra, F. Madricardo: “Underwater archaeological structures as biodiversity hotspots: Case study from the tidal channels of the Northern Venice Lagoon, Italy”
Session 4 The Anthropocene and the effect of human footprint on marine habitats
16 A. Petrizzo, I. Guarneri, D. Galvez, T. Marčeta, V. Moschino, N. Nesto, M. Sigovini, D. Tagliapietra, D. Sallé, M. Rodriguez, F. Madricardo: “Mapping of seafloor marine macrolitter distribution in the Venice coastal area”
Session 5 New approaches from coast to deep water habitat mapping
17 S. Bigelli, V. Ferrero, M. Marro, R. Nardini, M. Demarte, R. Ivaldi: “Hydrographic automatic tool for sediment analysis and thematic map case history of GARDA Lake”
18 F. Foglini, S. Aracri, M. Belgacem, G. Castellan, J. Chiggiato, F. Falcini, V. Grande, F. Madricardo, P. Montagna, A. Petrizzo, K. Schroeder: “Integrating the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) infrastructure to pursue the Open Science principles: the RELIANCE services portfolio and the use case scenarios of the Sea Monitoring community”
19 V. Grande, F. Foglini, L. Lisciani, S. Fraschetti: “The AMAre PLUS Geoportal, a tool for implementing networks of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea”
20 R. Nanson, R. Arosio, D. Dove: “Progression of a two-part seabed geomorphology classification scheme workshop: Part 2 (Geomorphology)”
21 S.F. Rende, A. Bosman, A. Annunziatellis, S. Agnesi, L. Rossi, A. Pazzini, M. Angilillo1, A. Izzi, M. Giusti: “Underwater photogrammetry: Full Motion Video and integration of machine learning algorithms – a case study applied to MSFD seabed habitat monitoring”
22 A. Recouvreur, A.J. Wheeler, R. Strachan, P.A. Meere, R.P. Unitt, A. Lim: ” Offshore bedrock mapping: applications for regional outcrop and potential reef habitat mapping on the Irish continental margin
Session 6 Habitat mapping and climate change
23 A.C. Bastos, G.C. Boni, F.V. Vieira, P. M., M.D. Leite, A.C. Lavagnino, N. Oliveira, P.H. Cetto: “From Incised Valleys to Submerged Reefs: The Quaternary Legacy in Habitat Distribution”
Session 7 Habitat mapping for maritime spatial planning (MSP) within an ecosystem based approach
24 H. Lillis, E. O’Keeffe, A. Annunziatellis, S. Agnesi, H. Allen, L. Castle, J. Pinder, A. Audsley: “EMODnet Seabed Habitats: collecting habitat maps once, using many times”
25 R. Sayre, K. Butler, K. VanGraafeiland, S. Breyer, D. Wright: “Ecological Coastal Units – Standardized Global Shoreline Characteristics”


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