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The ongoing pandemic precludes in-person scientific conferences in 2021. In order to maintain the cooperative spirit of GeoHab, and specifically to show case the work of students who are having a particularly challenging academic and conference experience due to the impacts of the pandemic, GeoHab has adopted the concept of “nodal” conferences for May of 2021 within adjacent time zones around the world. The world is covered in three GeoHab Nodal Conferences (GNCs): The Americas, Europe and Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

This approach will allow gatherings , or “nodes”, which will be virtually linked via video conferencing within each of the three GNCs. The nodes will be at the individual, small group, or large group level depending on travel advisories and restrictions in place in May. This will allow a degree of flexibility based on the unknown state of the pandemic next spring. The 2021 GeoHab website ( will be on line in early February where nodal details and abstract submission information will be posted.

It is anticipated that, following three successful GNCs around the world, a worldwide GeoHab plenary session and AGM will also be held in May 2021. Further details to follow.GET READY!