MGR Special Issue

The BSWG is in the process of publishing a Marine Geophysical Research Special Issue, Seafloor  backscatter data from swath mapping echosounders: From technological development to novel  applications.



The following papers have been accepted to date (alphabetically by first author):

Multi-angle backscatter classification and sub-bottom profiling for improved seafloor characterization. Alevizos, E.,
Snellen, M.,
Simons, D.G.,
Siemes, K.,
Greinert, J.
Waterfall notch-filtering for restoration of acoustic backscatter records from Admiralty Bay, Antarctica. Fonseca, L.,
Hung, E.M.,
Ayers-Neto, A.,
Magrani, F.J.G.
Validation of automated supervised segmentation of multibeam backscatter data from the Chatham Rise, New Zealand. Hillman, J.,
Lamarche, G.,
Pallentin, A.,
Pecher, I.,
Gorman, A.,
Schneider von Deimling, J.
Multisource multibeam backscatter data: Developing a strategy for the production of benthic habitat maps using objective seafloor classification methods. Lacharite, M.,
Brown, C.,
Gazzola, V.
Recommendations for improved and coherent acquisition and processing of backscatter data from seafloor-mapping sonars. Lamarche, G.,
Lurton, X.
User expectations for multibeam echo sounders backscatter strength data- Looking back into the future. Lucieer, V.,
Roche, M.,
Degrendele, K.,
Malik, M.,
Dolan, M.,
Lamarche, G.
Analysis of seafloor backscatter strength dependence on the azimuthal angle using multibeam echosounder data. Lurton, X.,
Eleftherakis, D.,
Augustin, J.-M.
Seafloor Change Detection Using MBES backscatter: Case study on the Belgian part of the North Sea. Montereale Gavazzi, G.,
Roche, M.,
Terseleer Lillo, N.,
Lurton, X.,
Degrendele, K.,
Van Lancker, V.
Modelling the distribution of hard seabed using calibrated multibeam acoustic backscatter data in a tropical, macrotidal embayment – Darwin Harbour, Australia. Siwabessy, P.J.,
Tran, M.,
Picard, K.,
Brooke, B.P.,
Huang, Z.,
Smit, N.,
Williams, D.K.,
Nicholas, W.A.,
Nichol, S.L.,
Atkinson, I.
Toward a standard line for use in mutlibeam echo sounder calibration. Weber, T.
Rice, G.
Smith, M. 

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