About GeoHab

GeoHab is a non-profit organisation established in 2001 and has since held annual conferences in various locations around the world. GeoHab meetings are designed to:

  • maintain awareness of developments in marine survey technologies and survey standards
  • learn how biology, geology and oceanography apply to marine habitat mapping
  • share experiences in the application of habitat maps for fisheries management, biodiversity management, seabed resources, and the design and performance assessment of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
  • build links between marine scientists and agencies worldwide engaged in benthic habitat mapping
  • apply and evaluate habitat classification systems using real-world examples

GeoHab also has sponsored scientific publications based on work contributed by members, coordinated through the annual meetings. Students are encouraged to attend GeoHab meetings and a travel grant has been established to assist students to attend and present the results of their research work.

Each year, GeoHab elects a chairperson to coordinate the annual GeoHab conference in their home country. The chair is supported by past GeoHab chairpersons and a scientific organizing committee.