Continental Shelf Research

Geological and Biological Mapping and Characterisation of Benthic Marine Environments

Edited by Andrew D. Heap and Peter T. Harris

Volume 31, Issue 2, Supplement 1, Pages S1-S172, 15 February 2011

This special issue of Continental Shelf Research presents 13 research papers that contain the latest results in the field of benthic marine environment mapping and seabed characterisation. A total of 10 papers in this special issue were presented as papers and posters at GeoHab conferences in 2007 (Noumea, New Caledonia), 2008 (Sitka, Alaska) and 2009 (Trondheim, Norway). The annual GeoHab conference provides a forum in which marine physical and biological scientists, managers, policy makers, and industry representatives convene to engage in discussions regarding mapping and characterising the seabed.

Geological and biological mapping and characterisation of benthic marine environments—Introduction to the special issue
Andrew D. Heap, Peter T. Harris
Pages S1-S3

A new approach to mapping marine benthic habitats using physical environmental data
Zhi Huang, Brendan P. Brooke, Peter T. Harris
Pages S4-S16

Remotely sensed hydroacoustics and observation data for predicting fish habitat suitability
J. Monk, D. Ierodiaconou, A. Bellgrove, E. Harvey, L. Laurenson
Pages S17-S27

Comparison of automated classification techniques for predicting benthic biological communities using hydroacoustics and video observations
D. Ierodiaconou, J. Monk, A. Rattray, L. Laurenson, V.L. Versace
Pages S28-S38

Tectonic and glacial related seafloor geomorphology as possible demersal shelf rockfish habitat surrogates—Examples along the Alaskan convergent transform plate boundary
H. Gary Greene, Victoria M. O’Connell, Cleo K. Brylinsky
Pages S39-S53

Surficial geology and benthic habitat of the German Bank seabed, Scotian Shelf, Canada
Brian J. Todd, Vladimir E. Kostylev
Pages S54-S68

Geological features supporting deep-sea coral habitat in Atlantic Canada
Evan N. Edinger, Owen A. Sherwood, David J.W. Piper, Vonda E. Wareham, Krista D. Baker, Kent D. Gilkinson, David B. Scott
Pages S69-S84

Cold seeps and benthic habitat on the Pacific margin of Canada
J. Vaughn Barrie, Sarah Cook, Kim W. ConwayPages S85-S92

Quantitative characterisation of seafloor substrate and bedforms using advanced processing of multibeam backscatter—Application to Cook Strait, New Zealand
Geoffroy Lamarche, Xavier Lurton, Anne-Laure Verdier, Jean-Marie Augustin
Pages S93-S109

Image-based classification of multibeam sonar backscatter data for objective surficial sediment mapping of Georges Bank, Canada
Craig J. Brown, Brian J. Todd, Vladimir E. Kostylev, Richard A. Pickrill
Pages S110-S119

Predicting the distribution of seabed biotopes in the southern Irish Sea
K.A. Robinson, K. Ramsay, C. Lindenbaum, N. Frost, J. Moore, A.P. Wright, D. Petrey
Pages S120-S131

The seabed habitats of the central English Channel: A generation on from Holme and Cabioch, how do their interpretations match-up to modern mapping techniques?
Roger Coggan, Markus Diesing
Pages S132-S150

Geomorphological modelling of tropical marine landscapes: Optical remote sensing, patches and spatial statistics
S.M. Hamylton, T. Spencer
Pages S151-S161

Mapping ecosystem processes and function across shallow seascapes
Bradley D. Eyre, Damien Maher
Pages S162-S172

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