User Needs Survey

As part of the preparation of Chapter 3 of the BSWG Guidelines & RecommendationsSEAFLOOR BACKSCATTER USER NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS, an international survey was conducted to assess user needs. The survey was conducted between May and August 2014. A PDF of that survey is available here (link below), however please note that the SURVEY IS CLOSED.

BSWG User Needs Survey

This chapter was further developed as part of the Backscatter Working Group special issue, in press:

Lucieer, V., Roche, M., Degrendele, K., Malik, M., Dolan, M. and Lamarche, G. (2017) User expectations for multibeam echo sounders backscatter strength data- Looking back into the future. Marine Geophysical Research, (in press)(Seafloor backscatter data from swath mapping echosounders: From technological development to novel applications ).